Pistachios Get Celebs Crackin’

Wonderful Pistachios has launched a new advertising and marketing campaign that features different celebrities and the unique way each opens a pistachio nut. The focus of the campaign is to help revamp the appeal of pistachios and the company, which have been a pretty unheard of commodity.

Each celebrity is dressed in black and green and demonstrate how they uniquely break open their pistachio shell. For example: MTV’s Snooki places a pistachio on a tanning bed, something she is known for using frequently, and breaks it open. Wee-man of MTV’s Jackass breaks open the nut in a ‘dangerous’ way by letting a high-powered ball smash the tiny shell.

While the advertisements have been successful the PR team has had a difficult time getting the American public to view Snooki, of MTV’s Jersey Shore, as a anything more then a hot drunken mess. The team has gone to great lengths to have her participate in more charity events and be photographed at events other then massive parties. There work has been cut out for them.

In addition to the advertisements, Wonderful Pistachios have launched a new website to advertise their social media outlets. Although the change of a website is nothing groundbreaking you should note how everything converged with the television campaign. The website icons have been updated; the colors, themes and layouts are now identical to the commercials that drew in so much attention. I found this interesting because in a campaign plan usually you make a strategy to change everything at once. At Wonderful Pistachio however, they launched one part of the campaign, saw it’s success and then applied it to the other aspects of the campaign.

The PR company backing Wonderful Pistachios has gotten on board with the various social networking outlets used by the world. Their twitter feed (getcrackin) has been used to promote conversations between celebrities and their favorites ways to crack the tiny green nut. Their Facebook page has been an elaborate internet advertiser to help promote their newest campaign.

All in all, this once unheard of company has completely changed its look through their newest campaign aimed at re-branding themselves. Sales have increased, attention is higher then ever, and new celebrity commercials are being created. This is a clear example of the proper way to do a campaign.

Snooki will show you how it’s done


About Ayan Jama

I am a University of Oregon graduate with a BA in Journalism with a focus in Magazine and Public Relations. I enjoy foreign movies, white chocolate, shoes, and friends & family.
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2 Responses to Pistachios Get Celebs Crackin’

  1. rachelk says:

    I personally LOVE this campaign (and pistachios…so addicting). I definitely think it’s one of the only campaigns I’ve seen in a while that does a really excellent job at having a seamless design across all of the aspects of it. The Twitter, commercials, and the website all have the same color scheme and design with the same language used. I think that they have done such a great job at effectively creating a brand image that resonates positively in consumer’s minds. I love the simplicity of the commercials – just showing how different celebrities crack their pistachios – but it kind of reminds me of the “How do you eat an Oreo” or “How do you eat your Reese’s cup” campaigns. Is it kind of an old idea? Does it even matter because the company has put their own spin on it?

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