Get Yo Interview ON!

 Interviewing is always a nerve-wracking experience and many find themselves falling into the bumbling idiot category. Here are some things I have learned since interviewing with my current internship:


  • Always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS research the mission statement of the organization/company/firm/business you are interviewing for. Remember it and find a way to incorporate it into the answer of a question asked.
  • Make eye contact consistently. Yes, it feels awkward and weird but it will help you focus your attention and keep theirs.
  • Go into an interview with a clear goal in mind. Establish the things you want them to know about you and guide the interview to meet these goals. Don’t make it about simply answering the questions asked and moving on the next ones. Make them see and know what you want them to.
  • Turn the interview into a fluid conversation instead of shouting back your answers and ending. You’ll sound like your nervous and a robot. Turning it into a conversation will not only relax you but also show them that you are personable.
  • Do not fidget at all while interviewing. Keep your hands either on the table or at yours sides if you can’t help yourself.
  • Ladies, don’t touch your hair a thousand times, it’s weird looking and makes you look uncomfortable. Guys don’t crack your knuckles or play with your tie. Again, you look unprofessional.
  • Before you answer your questions, take a deep breath and gather yourself. In the past, I have just shouted out the answer and realized later that not only did I not answer it incorrectly but I sounded like I had a mild case of Touretts.
  • It is always better to over dress than under dress. DO NOT UNDERDRESS! That could be a deal breaker for your interviewer before they even get to know you. Accidentally, I once wore a transparent top to an interview and was given odd look the entire time. No. I did not get the job.
  • Tie their message into something about yourself. For example: my agency is all about finding creative ways to use story telling in their campaign efforts. I was a magazine major and know all about the art of the story telling. I used that in my interview question and definitely won some points!

About Ayan Jama

I am a University of Oregon graduate with a BA in Journalism with a focus in Magazine and Public Relations. I enjoy foreign movies, white chocolate, shoes, and friends & family.
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7 Responses to Get Yo Interview ON!

  1. Tayor says:

    Great post! These are all tips that everyone should follow during an interview. I would also add “ask meaningful questions” to the list. It shows your interviewer that you’ve done your research, you’ve listened during the interview and you’re interested in learning more about the company and the type of work you’d be expected to do. Asking questions also gives you the opportunity to figure out if the position and company are a good fit for you too.

  2. Great tips. I may have some terrifying interviews soon. Any chance I could just hire you to pretend to be me and do the interviews for me?

  3. pdxsx says:

    Good tips Ayan. Don’t forget to get a post about generational challenges/differences in there this week too!


  4. Great advice! I especially like the suggestion about guiding to conversation to make sure they hear the things you want them to know.

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