First Real Client Meeting

Last week, I had the priveledge of sitting in on my company’s conference with a very large and popular public releases news distribution company. The meeting was aimed at the chance to hire the company to help with the way we deal with our clients. This included how to get our press releases out to larger audience and how to go about creating multimedia content to be published on their sites.

Since this was my first real meeting, I was nervous to be meeting with such high powered excutives. However, not only did they make me feel welcomed but they also included me in the conversation. The tone of the conversation between both parties was professional but really friendly. The personalities going back and forth seemed to mesh and it made the meeting feel more like a casual conversation than an actual meeting.

Also, it was a nice way for me to really see up close my employer in action. He was smart and articulate and I was impressed but his questions and feedback. He knew exactly what he wanted and knew that he was going to get it one way or another, even if it wasn’t from their company. He had goals and wanted them to be met accordingly.

It was a great way for me to see how meetings between public relations officials are conducted. I was able to see how the pitch went, how the feedback went and what the concluding turnout was. It’s something I look forward to seeing more of and I would love to be able to be experienced enough one day to conduct my own!


About Ayan Jama

I am a University of Oregon graduate with a BA in Journalism with a focus in Magazine and Public Relations. I enjoy foreign movies, white chocolate, shoes, and friends & family.
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