Beginning the Search

Although there is a higher chance that many of us will be hiring out of our current internships, I believe in keeping my options open. Although I would prefer to be hired from my current internship opportunity, I am not going to assume it’s a for sure thing.

Keeping my options open means starting to look around at what other possible opportunities are out there and applying. It can take awhile for your application to even be processed or the position to be filled so starting now is primetime. Also, I was always taught that the best time to look for a job is when you already have one and I already have one, kinda.

I have started utilizing Mac’s List and Twitter to find possibly job opportunities. They have both been very effective ways of seeing what’s going on out there. Sadly, a lot of positions open right now are not looking for entry level candidates but that hasn’t stopped me from applying. Maybe by the time I am done with my internship, I will be a bit above entry level?

When it comes to asking for a letter of recommendation, I am a bit at a loss for how to go about that. I know we are suppose to wait for a few more weeks and we will learn about the ins and outs of that process in class. Thankfully I have past LORs that I can use when applying for jobs now.

I am not saying that I don’t want to be hired out of my current position, because I do. But I have learned from my other internship opportunities not to get my hopes up and always have a backup plan. While I wait to see if I will be hired out, I am going to continue to produce the best work possible and really learn as much as I can. Also, I think that my current bosses, if unable to give me a job, would go to the mat to find me something else out there.

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Spell Checking is Crucial

When I was offered my current internship position I have given an email address through the agency to use. One of the effective ways coworkers communicate here is through a general contact. This contact emails one email out to everyone in the office and has been helpful in keeping us all updating on days off or other events coming up. 

When using this email you must remember that the message you are creating will be sent to everybody. That means the top dogs are going to see what you are writing and you should still make sure you use proper grammar and SPELL CHECK YOUR WORK. Me, being the fast typer that I am, got a bit careless last week and did not spell check or even read over what I had typed. Although it was just a message about when I was taking my lunch, I managed to spell two words wrong and include multiple smiley faces, UGH.

Although nothing about the message was ever mentioned, I realized how unprofessional my message looked. While the format of my message is the general format everybody uses in the office (informal) I need to remain professional and remember what proper email etiquette is.

I understand that an earlier post I made was about appearing down to earth and personable with your coworkers but using improper email etiquette is a big no no. Could it have been worse, ABSOLUTELY. Thank God it wasn’t and I have learned my lesson.

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Biting Off More Than You Can Chew?

For the past few weeks I have found that I seem to be constantly biting off more than I can chew. Whether it be taking on two major projects at the same time or starting a project I know nothing about, it has become a major source of stress at my internship.

After beating myself down and telling myself that I am not the worker bee I had thought I was, I decided to take a deep breath and find the best possible solution to my overload problem. This meant finding a way to meet with my boss and pitch the solution I had come up with which was working more hours  in order to complete the projects.  Since my agency is small and deals with budget boundaries, I thought that this would be a rejected idea and my life of utter chaos and confusion would continue. However, I was totally wrong. 

Not only did my boss think it was a good idea but he expressed how impressed he was with me stepping up to the plate and coming to him with something I wanted instead of the other way around. To my surprise I am now working 25 hours a week and able to get all my projects completed and then some. Not only has this made me feel more secure about my ability as a worker to ask for the things I need, but like a real adult in the real working world. I believe that my stepping up to the plate has cast me in a new light to my coworkers. I have stepped out of the role of the “average” internship and into a more respected and appreciated role. Overall, my advice would be to ask for what you want and if you are rejected, at least you tried.

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Myers-Briggs Personality Reveals….

When I first took the Myers-Briggs test, I was told that I would be a florist and would strive well in that career path. After an hour of filling out tiny answer bubbles and anxiously awaiting what major I would pick, I was pissed. 

However, upon reading the Mirror, Mirror, article I was able to identify what my personality type most closely resembles. It took me a couple times to really figure out what I identified with and I have decided I am an ENTP.

ENTP stands for, Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. A portion of the official description of an ENTP is such:

“ENTPs are basically optimists, but in spite of this (perhaps because of it?), they can become petulant about small setbacks and inconveniences. (Major setbacks they regard as challenges, and tackle with determination.) ENTPs have little patience with those they consider wrongheaded or unintelligent, and show little restraint in demonstrating this. In general, however, they are genial, even charming, when not being harassed by life.

ENTPs are usually verbally as well as cerebrally quick, and generally love to argue–both for its own sake, and to show off their debating skills. ENTPs tend to have a perverse sense of humor as well, and enjoy playing devil’s advocate. This sometimes confuses, even angers, those who don’t understand or accept the concept of argument as a sport.”

How this personality types relates to my career path is similar. Public relations is all about finding creative and effective ways of communicating between a client and their intended audience. Many ENTP’s love challenges and are fascinated by new ideas and creative impulses.

I found that career wise, because ENTP’s talk so quickly and so much, we sometimes don’t give others a chance to put their ideas in for a more rounded solution. I could see this being an issue with my career path. With the current intern situation I am in, I want to appear to be the smartest and best at whatever I am doing. However, taking a step back and letting others come forward to share their ideas, could end up making me look better instead of me trying to shout out all the answers. So note to self Ayan: shut up sometimes.

ENTP’s are great with social interactions, which is a huge help with the career I am in. In order to make it in the public relations field, you have to deal with the public, right?! However, with my personality type and career choice, I have to make sure that I don’t allow the more fun and exciting things to come before my work obligations. 

Overall, I found out that I talk a lot, am creative and enjoy social interactions. Who would of known?

A few famous ENTP’s… Oh hey Mr. President.

Diablo Cody. Writer of the movie Juno.
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Just Chillin’

Throughout my college career, I assumed that when I graduated and went out into the public relations workforce, I would be met with a stuffy and uptight office situation where suits were the requirement and any sort of creative clothing expression would be appalling. However, the exact opposite has happened while working for my current agency. 

Never have I had the luxury of wearing whatever I wanted to the office and not feeling awkward or inappropriate. I am not saying that I wear anything inappropriate or distasteful, I keep it looking good and fresh, but the informaliness of it has been a great thing. Not only do my bosses work their butts off to ensure that our agency is meeting our clients needs and producing great results, but they do it while drinking enormous amounts of coffee, in a t-shirt and jeans. The uptight idea I had about public relations, although still there, has been put into a tiny box in my mind.

I walk into work everyday and get to joke about the weekend activities with my co-workers and talk to them like they are my friends instead of my supervisors. I believe that in the long run I am showing them that not only am I an enjoyable person but that I also get along with the office vibe. I strongly believe that personality is a big key in getting hired. Being able to vibe with the setting you are going into will show your boss that not only are you personable, but that you are a real human being.

Now, I am not saying you should cross boundaries and tell your bosses everything, but I am saying you should find a way to relate to them and show them that you have a good personality and can vibe well with people.

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Media Lists

This week I have been using a new tool called, Vocus. It’s a tool used to compile media lists for clients about sources who are reviewing their products. In order to compile the lists, I have to spend multiple hours searching the internet for any article that talks about my clients products. Not only is it time consuming but it’s pretty redundant. However, the final product is worth it. 

The biggest challenge I have had with using Vocus is the slowness of the program and the detail it needs. I have found that although the internet can be an extremely helpful place, a lot of the sites I deal with lack contact information for it’s writers or editor’s. I have realized that I spend the majority of time trying to search for the missing information than entering them into the new system. Vocus allows us to send out our press releases and basically pitch all of the writers that are buzzing about our clients in one fall swoop. Not only does it increase coverage and attention, but it feels good to know that I have personally made that happen! Learning new internet tools has been a great thing about my internship. I am constantly getting to learn and mess around with various online public relation tools and learn what their importance is. I normally mess around with online programs, so at times it feels more like play than work. I am getting use to the repetiveness of the process and admit that sometimes it’s frustrating. However, being allowed to plug one of my headphones in and be distracted by music is pretty nice.

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Get Yo Interview ON!

 Interviewing is always a nerve-wracking experience and many find themselves falling into the bumbling idiot category. Here are some things I have learned since interviewing with my current internship:


  • Always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS research the mission statement of the organization/company/firm/business you are interviewing for. Remember it and find a way to incorporate it into the answer of a question asked.
  • Make eye contact consistently. Yes, it feels awkward and weird but it will help you focus your attention and keep theirs.
  • Go into an interview with a clear goal in mind. Establish the things you want them to know about you and guide the interview to meet these goals. Don’t make it about simply answering the questions asked and moving on the next ones. Make them see and know what you want them to.
  • Turn the interview into a fluid conversation instead of shouting back your answers and ending. You’ll sound like your nervous and a robot. Turning it into a conversation will not only relax you but also show them that you are personable.
  • Do not fidget at all while interviewing. Keep your hands either on the table or at yours sides if you can’t help yourself.
  • Ladies, don’t touch your hair a thousand times, it’s weird looking and makes you look uncomfortable. Guys don’t crack your knuckles or play with your tie. Again, you look unprofessional.
  • Before you answer your questions, take a deep breath and gather yourself. In the past, I have just shouted out the answer and realized later that not only did I not answer it incorrectly but I sounded like I had a mild case of Touretts.
  • It is always better to over dress than under dress. DO NOT UNDERDRESS! That could be a deal breaker for your interviewer before they even get to know you. Accidentally, I once wore a transparent top to an interview and was given odd look the entire time. No. I did not get the job.
  • Tie their message into something about yourself. For example: my agency is all about finding creative ways to use story telling in their campaign efforts. I was a magazine major and know all about the art of the story telling. I used that in my interview question and definitely won some points!
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